Welcome to My New Obsession

The other day, Mr. Baseball asked me why I liked tiki so much all of a sudden, and I didn’t really have an answer for him. Because it feels like I’ve always had a passion for this kind of kitschy stuff, but it had nowhere to manifest itself. I think James A. Teitelbaum captured this feeling in his introduction to Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Culture in North America:

“For children growing up in California, Tiki style has always been a part of everyday life. Even with the amount of Tiki we have lost in the past 30 years, Tiki still permeates California.”

So, you might say it’s in my So-Cal soul. Add to that a penchant for retro style, a slightly obsessive personality and my fairly recent discovery of Tiki Central and Tiki Farm, and my affinity has taken root and grown like a palm tree on steroids. I’m very much a noob, but I think that just makes discovering all things tiki that much more new and exciting.


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  1. This is very much how it begins.

    Although I am a native *Northern* Californian, the tiki influence has been with me since childhood and sprouted like your referenced “palm tree on steroids” after I reached “cocktail age.” It starts with a single mug or small tiki statue and, the next thing you know, you’re managing shelves & shelves of ceramic mugs, tiki art and an extensive Polynesian music collection.

    Still, I’m hard-pressed to find a negative side to being completely enthralled with a culture dedicated to relaxing & enjoying life in a semi-exotic fashion. It’s kind of like getting to live in the best parts of Disneyland… with the addition of tasty cocktails.

    Fortunately, my girlfriend is as supportive & appreciative of the tiki culture as one can be without being fully into it herself (although she’s been known to don more Hawaiian attire at events than I ever do… but it makes sense since she looks much better in a grass skirt than I could).

    Looking forward to more of your always-entertaining & engaging posts.


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