Tiki on “South Park”

Mr. Baseball’s eagle eye strikes again! On the new “South Park” episode from two nights ago, Jimmy enters his summer camp’s talent show and dons a Hawaiian shirt to put on a ukulele act, complete with “hula girls,” tiki torches and pseudo-tapa fabric decorating the stage.

These neon tiki string lights are my favorite part of the scene. I love the colors! They’re so much neater than some of the real tiki lights that are available on the market….Ahem!


Tiki on “The Simpsons”

I’m clearly training Mr. Baseball well, as now he’s started to spot tikis. He had this scene all queued up from “The Simpsons” for me to watch. In last week’s episode “Chief of Hearts” from Season 21 (wow!), Homer and Chief Wiggum are watching TV when Krusty comes on the screen as a hula dancer in this “South Pacific”-esque number, complete with a Simpsons-style tiki!

As my brother pointed out in my first post ever, this isn’t the first time “The Simpsons” has referenced tikis and it probably won’t be the last.

The Mother Lode of Mai Tai Mix

Tiki Chick reader and all-around-cool-dude Mark contacted me a week or so with an intriguing offer. His father—a longtime regular of Trader Vic’s—was moving out of his house and they had a small stockpile of cocktail mixes to unload. They happened to be right in my neighborhood so I headed over and hauled off more than a dozen bottles of mai tai mix, orgeat and rock candy syrup (oh my!).

He also very generously sent me on my way with this fogcutter mug. Over the years,  Trader Vic’s has produced several versions of this mug, and you can get a glimpse of their most recent ones here.

Thus far all the tiki mugs I’ve amassed have been modern specimens (remember now, I’m a newbie!), so it’s neat to have one that’s practically as old as I am. Thanks again, Mark! Now I just need to go out and get some good rum…