Shag’s Disney Cruise Line Art & Merchandise

So last weekend I was at Disneyland (again) and discovered to my dismay that the Adventureland glasses were out of stock (hopefully that’s just temporary). However I was delighted to find that Shag’s merch for the Disney Cruise line had made their debut at the Disney Gallery. Above is ‘Island Intermission,’ a limited edition giclee priced at $395.

I’m a bit more frugal than that, so I opted for the postcard set ($18) that included two cards of each of the four designs. There are those pirate kids again—I remembered them from Shag’s Pirates of the Caribbean stuff and from this diptych from his macabre show Autumn’s Come Undone.

Also on display were a coaster set, decanter, four different glasses, and two shirts (girls’ printed tee and an aloha shirt, seen below). I was kind of surprised to find all this there because the Disney blog said it would only be available on the ship.

The selection of items was pretty similar to what Disney and Shag rolled out for the Haunted Mansion’s 40th Anniversary a year and a half ago.

Since there wasn’t anything overtly tiki about all that I’ll also include Shag’s map of Disney World, with a tiki for the Polynesian Resort. This print and more will be released this summer as part of the park’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Boutiki at Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Orlando, FL

Boutiki at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Ok, this is the last post about Disney World’s Polynesian Resort, I promise. I hesitated to include it, but it’s such a tiki train wreck, starting with these mischievous fellows with the crazy bulging eyes.



Ugly tikis at the Polynesian Resort

I think these monstrosities are playing hide and seek in the store.

Polynesian Resort print

Aside from those giant ugly tikis, this is actually a great store. It had a bunch of merchandise tailored to the Polynesian Resort, like prints, mugs, t-shirts, etc. It was a nice change since all the shops at Disney World seem to carry most of the same stuff.

Disney World Polynesian Resort Shirt

I loved this design and had to get the shirt—you may remember that it’s Shag-approved! Mickey and Stitch make cameos, obviously, but I just noticed that Donald Duck might be in there too.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has been undergoing extensive renovations in 2014, so consider this post a time capsule.

Barefoot Pool Bar at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Barefoot Pool Bar

We had intended to have a tasty beverage at the Tambu Lounge (probably something in a pineapple), but we didn’t have time to wait for it to open as we were soon heading to Epcot where there were rides to wait in line for and countries to drink at.

The menu at the Barefoot Pool Bar

The Barefoot Pool Bar is found, you guessed it, down by the pool. They didn’t have nearly the selection of libations, but they were the only game in town at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. And I may not know much about mixology, but I do know that many consider putting pineapple juice in a Mai Tai to be a grave offense.


I first thought this photo was notable for the tikis flanking the flat-screen tv (another supposed tiki bar no-no), but now I marvel at the number of fans set up. Sadly, I doubt they made much of a difference for that dude.

Pina Colava & Orange Dream

It was freakin’ hot out, so we went the frozen route with the Pina Colava and Orange Dream. Both were tasty and hit the spot but I thought the Pina Colava was the better of the two.

Pool volcano at Disney's Polynesian Resort

It was tempting to take a whirl down the pool’s volcano slide, but I wanted to get some shopping in at the Bou-Tiki back in the lobby.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is undergoing extensive renovations in 2014, including the closing of the Nanea Volcano Pool. For the latest updates, you should check out Tikiman’s Unofficial Polynesian Resort Pages