Top Tiki Bars

The Tiki Chick’s Top Tiki Bars in the United States

1. Mai Kai – Fort Lauderdale, FL

With a luau-style floor show, lush garden full of tikis and waterfalls, very potent potables, and a bar that looks like the inside of a pirate ship — the Mai Kai was more than I could have dreamed of. (Read the full review.)

2. Tiki-Ti – Los Angeles, CA

Slinging rum is the family business for the Buhens, who have owned and operated the tiny Tiki-Ti for 50 years. Their drinks are widely considered to be among the best you’ll find anywhere. (Read the full review.)

3. Smuggler’s Cove – San Francisco, CA

Rum expert and master mixologist Martin Cate opened Smuggler’s Cove in late 2009 and the accolades just keep coming in for its topnotch cocktails and captivating nautical decor. (Read the full review.)


4. Three Dots and a Dash – Chicago, IL

Three Dots and a Dash takes the state of tiki in Chicago to a new level with its serious mixology, good food, signature mugs and swizzle sticks, and impeccable decor that provides the perfect setting for a bit of tropical escapism. (Read the full review.)


5. Psycho Suzi’s – Minneapolis, MN

If you’re in Minneapolis, forget the Mall of America and check out Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge for its atomic-inflected tiki decor, fun food, decent drinks and pet-friendly riverfront patio. They also have three additional tiki bars upstairs and a rockin’ gift shop with signature Tiki Farm mugs. (Read the full review.)


6. Tonga Room – San Francisco, CA

The Tonga Room feels like the set of a grand, old-school, over-budget MGM movie trying to embody Polynesia. It was recently in danger of being demolished to build condos, but The Fairmont hotel seems to have put off those plans for now and the place is more popular than ever thanks to shout-outs on Anthony Bourdain’s show “The Layover.” (Read the full review.)

7. Frankie’s Tiki Room – Las Vegas, NV

Frankie’s is a relatively new kid on the tiki block, but it’s already become a must-stop in Sin City for its awesome decor and unique souvenir mugs. And it’s open 24 hours! (Read the full review.)


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